Our personalized service includes: DJ services, animation and lighting. We arrive at the event two hours or earlier before your scheduled start time. This allows us extra time to survey the room and to be sure that we've brought every thing necessary to bring you the perfect sound.

At Cool Entertainment DJ Services we provide residents of St. John's and Mt. Pearl with excellent entertainment service in an enjoyable pleasant atmosphere using the most technologically advanced DJ Equipment. We cater to people of all ages and for all occasions.

We cater to DJ Services for just about any event:

  • Wedding
  • Anniversary Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Corporate
  • Christmas Party
  • Dinner Dance
  • New Years Eve Party
  • Engagement Party
  • Fashion Show
  • Prom
  • School Reunion
  • Our Services include the most technologically advanced DJ Equipment and Lighting.

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    Never Booked a professional Disc Jockey ?

    Over 75% of our business comes from weddings and people hiring a Dj for the very first time, so you are not alone. We are glad to discuss your event details with a free entertainment consultation in the comfort of your own home or other convenient location in the St. John’s metro area. We provide answers and creative solutions to your most common questions.

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