These are sample mixes that we have compiled to give you an idea of the music we play to keep you and your guests dancing all night long!

Music makes a huge difference! It makes you happy, stirs sentimental feelings and it can even help build great memories along the way! Getting the music right isn't as easy as it may seem. So many music styles, so many songs to choose from, and everyone has their favourites. A big music selection and someone to play it doesn't mean people will hear what they like. Getting a perfect music mix that appeals to everyone at your event is a big part of "Doing The Music Right".

60's Megamix

60's Megamix by Djchamba on Mixcloud

70's Megamix

70's Megamix by Djchamba on Mixcloud

80's Megamix

80's Megamix by Djchamba on Mixcloud

90's Megamix

90's Megamix by Djchamba on Mixcloud

2016 Top40 Megamix/Mashup

2017 Top40 Megamix/Mashup

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