Hello! Welcome to Cool Entertainment Dj Service! & Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Planning a wedding is a big job. Many hours can be spent discussing even the smallest details. You want everything to be perfect. And it should be.

The Following are the online festivity planners for your wedding. You will find the following forms and other resources:

  • Cool Entertainment™ Dj Service Music Planner
  • Cool Entertainment™ Dj Service Engagements’  Location, Date and Time
  • Cool Entertainment™ Dj Service Itinerary Planner
  • Cool Entertainment™ Dj Service Wedding Party Introductions Planner

Forms do not record your choices automatically. Make sure to click on the submit button at the bottom of each form every time you are done to submit and record your choices. Allow 5-10 minutes before coming back to edit your submitted choices.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issues. Info@coolent.net

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  1. I went to a destination wdeidng at Beaches Turks Caicos and it was amazing! The resort is huge and a lot of fun, but the price is high so if you’re paying for everyone, or budget is an issue, it may not be the best option.A friend of ours was married at their Jamaica property, Beaches Negril, which is cheaper than the Turks resort. The photos came out great (we didn’t attend but we have been to Negril and it’s beautiful) and she was VERY happy with everything. There is a couple’s only sister property (Sandals Negril) down the beach from here with free exchange option so that if your family wants to stay at the Beaches resort and you guys want to stay at the couple’s resort, you can visit and hang out with them during your stay but at night return to your resort where it’s a more romantic and private atmosphere. Look into a destination wdeidng planner to help you guys, most are free if budget is a concern. That will make it much easier on everyone involved in the planning and booking process. They know all the requirements, keep track of payment schedules, and whoever has questions can go to them instead of stressing you out with a bunch of calls and emails about every little thing when you have enough on your plate.